June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015


Rey Hernandez

HEIGHT: 5’11         WEIGHT: 200 LBS          EYE COLOR: Green                    HAIR: Bald


G.I. Joe 2                                                         Cobra Secret Service                        Dir. Jon M Chu

Seeking Justice                                            Shooting Instructor (supporting)       Dir. Roger Donaldson

The Losers                                                       Team Leader (supporting)               Dir. Sylvain White

Wild Things: Foursome                                  Security Guard (supporting)            Dir. Andy Hurst

Behind Enemy Lines 3                                   Ramirez  (supporting)                       Dir. Tim Matheson            Bad Boys II                                                      TNT Zank (supporting)                        Dir. Michael Bay

Miami Vice                                                     Marine Shed Guard                         Dir. Michael Mann

Street Survival                                                 Erick Hughes (Lead)                             Dir. Carlos Adan

Passing Fancy                                                 Police Detective (supporting)          Dir. Ron Stone

Blood Line                                                        Swat Commander (supporting)       Dir. Antawn Smith

Push                                                                   Detective Ruiz (supporting)               Dir. Dave Rodriguez

The Last Hustle                                               Santana (supporting)                       Dir. Leonardo Gonzalez

The Next Hit                                                    Police Lieutenant (supporting)       Dir. Antawn Smith

Tumbe                                                               Pirolo (Lead)                                          Dir. Leonardo Gonzalez



Dame Chocolate                                           El Gato (reccurring)                      Telemundo                                     Veredicto Final                                                El Aguacil (starring)                       Telefutura               Cuerpo del Deseo (soap opera)                  Gang member (co-star)               Telemundo

La Venganza (soap opera)                           Bodyguard (co-star)                      Telemundo

Angel Revelde  (soap opera)                      Police Officer (co-star)                                  Fonovideo

San Angel (soap opera)                                 Police Officer (co-star)                 Andrei Zinca

Prisionera (soap opera)                                Paramedic (co-star)                      Telemundo

Anita no Rajes (soap opera)                         Gegar Kennels (co-star)               Telemundo

Dame Chocolate (soap opera)                   Paramedic (co-star)                     Telemundo

Real Vice: Miami                                               Matix (starring)                                                Dir: Steve Peterson

Charlie’s Angels (1.2)                                     Factory Guard (co-star)                                Dir: James Marshall

Magic City                                                          Thug (recurring)                               Dir. Carl Franklyn

Drop Dead Divas                                             Bouncer (co-star)                           Dir. Martha Coolidge

The Glades (2.8)                                                               Officer Dean (co-star)                   Dir. Tricia Brock

The Glades (2.1)                                                               Garcia’s Thug (co-star)                 Dir. Dennie Gordon

Bones “The Finder”                                          Biker (co-star)                                   Dir. Dan Sackheim

1-8-7 Detroit (pilot)                                         SWAT Commander (co-star)        Dir. Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Prison Break (2.11)                                          Ernesto (co-star)                            Dir.Greg Yaitanes

Burn Notice (pilot)                                          Muscle kid (co-star)                      Dir. Jace Alenxander

Burn Notice (3.1)                                            Commando (co star)                   Dir. TimMatheson

America’s Most Wanted                               Suspect #1(co-star)                      Dir. John Turchin

Angels and Diamonds                                   Marion (co-star)                            Green Light Films

South Beach                                                   Jorge (recurring)                           Dir. Jason Esnler

The Line (pilot)                                                Officer #1 (co-star)                       Hudson Productions

Jamie Kennedy Experiment                          Bouncer (co-star)                         Dir. Tim Gibbons

What Happened When: Elian Gonzalez      INS Federal Agent                        Dir. Jerry Gonzalez

What Happened When: Pat Tillman            Pat Tillman (starring)                     Dir. Jerry Gonzalez



Aaron Speiser Intensive Workshop                Aaron Speiser                                 Miami, Fl

Uta Hagen Process                                         Marc Durso                                   Miami, Fl

Acting for Film                                                 Raymond Forchion                      Miami, Fl                                                                Acting for Film-On Camera                           Raymond Forchion                      Miami, Fl


Special Skills:

A real life Police Detective/ S.W.A.T. Operator with over 15 years experience, technical advisor in police scenes/ S.W.A.T. tactical operations, an expert in assault weapons, scuba certified, martial artist in various forms, extremely athletic, with vast experience in various sports such as; football, baseball, wrestling, swimming, boxing, and also experienced in stunt work.